Learn how to create your personal safe inner space

What makes our method so special and stand out above the current market?

I will be honest and blunt with you. Dutch as I am…

The main difference is you, your willingness to take care of your personal space. It requires self-awareness, self-reflection, using of all of your senses

In Dutch we have the expression “zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden”. If I translate this literally it would say “Gentle healers make smelly wounds”. In the spiritual guru scene, you will find many who offer you methods to focus upon positive affirmations, love, and high vibration. The problem with these methods is that the unprocessed highly charged memories are covered with layers of unconsciousness. Like a volcano, waiting for the right trigger to erupt and destruct… This might destruct your relation, friendships, your career, or even worse, your health.

I prefer to teach you how to heal yourself, then to spend years on endless healing sessions where I do it mainly for you. I am a big believer in insights in life issues allowing you to step up. Once there it is easy to heal inadequate processed inner wounds.

If you like this, then let’s start with watching some of my Youtube videos.