It is Shyna's task to assist mankind in their Quantum Leap

Are you tired of holding up appearance?

The brand "Shyna" is founded by Hellen Tiethoff and Gerard Sargentini, both Dutch, living in Switzerland. She committed her life to assist others in their personal health as well business health processes. They assist to create a life changing shift. Holding up appearances while having to deal with your emotions, if life is not so successful as you have hoped for, can result in both mental/emotional fatigue. Working with Hellen will uplift your life onto a higher path of Destiny. Hellen speaks Dutch, English, (Swiss)German. Visit or

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You are about to enter the world of Holistic Hellen.

Are you longing for a Big change in one or more aspects of your life? Are you fed up that you have not found a solutions how to deal with your own issues which are obviously interfering with your career and personal life? Hellen will help you to connect the dots of your unbalanced work/life situation by working with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of yourself. This will provide insights that will bring you the creative assets you need to move forward again. During consultings, 1 on 1 coachings and seminars you are assisted to clear you life of lots of undesired influencing 'rubbish'. You gain access to tools to do this yourself. When you work with me, I connect with you on a very personal level. I am for a short or longer time in your life to take a look at all aspects of yourself, of your life. Thanks to performing an intense holistic health check up you will find out what is blocking you from the life you desire to live. This holistic health check up will help you to find out what steps to take to move forward in your life. You will be taught spiritual lessons, you will receive advice which food to eat and what not to eat to support your physical health, emotional health and mental health. We will discuss pain points in your financial life. Uncover disturbing beliefs systems, underlying commitments. And we will take steps which will bring you onto a higher path of Destiny.

A personal story of how I became Holistic

F*** how do I keep being able to pay my rent?

Struggling with chronic fatigue, depressions. How did rejections and not being taken seriously by doctors has turned out to be the greatest gift?

Getting answers what causes symptoms is half the struggle vanishing. Have you had your personal struggles in life? Did it burden you when you did not get answers why stuff kept happening? Have you ever felt guilty because you where not able to keep up the pace of life as was expected from you? Have you covered your feelings when you felt ashamed not being able to keep order in your household as your friends and family did? Did it hurt your self worth when doctors did not take you seriously? Well, I can ask you a lot of questions more. Most of them I have been there, done that. And I can assure you, I understand your pain and I would love nothing more to assist you in helping you deal with your pains.

25 years ago I could not have imagined that the shocks and trauma in my life where not over yet. After my stepdad died in 1992 I was confronted how a mourning process of a 17 year was so out of the field of interests of my classmates. As if the many years of being bullied was not enough. I felt so alone with all of my processes. That was the start of an unrolling story of dealing with karma and life lessons. Many shocking experiences more to occur. Thank God I encountered interesting teachers upon my life path. One of them is Joseph Holzer, an American living in the Netherlands with a Nuclear Engineer degree. I attend his Spiritual Arts Academy education since 2008. The other teacher who I follow online and finally gives answers to so many of my physical injuries and complaints is Medical Medium Anthony William. I hope that through the years ahead of us, I can share much of my wisdom and knowledge to relieve your pain, struggle and ignorance. I am here to teach you about how to gain a healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. This is a holistic approach. I am at your service.

I came into this life with a deep desire for joy, contact with nature. I can enjoy light falling upon leaves in the midst of busy environments. I don’t care if it is while I am walking on my job, while driving the car. Enjoying is something can be done in a split second and then relaxes my breathe and mind. Can you do this? Enjoy your environment while working? Or is your mind cluttered with worries? Is it hard for you to recognize that even seconds of mindful attention to your surrounding can bring shifts in yourself?

Life burdened me with a lot of life lessons tied to death, poverty, chronic fatigue and a highly spiritual awareness. Because if you think being psychic is a pleasure, being able to see angels and demons, reading health of the physical and subtle bodies is always a gift, I can tell you that it is not. Of course, often it gives me also pleasure and joy. Life gave me tools to investigate these realms and I have recognised past life influences, and belief me, this is the least fun part of it all. I have recognised the influence of heavy metals and pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides on viruses inside the body which create problems such as adrenal and nervous system fatigue.

Do you now how hard it is to have a regular income when you wake up every morning even more fatigued then when you went to bed? Not to be able to deal with too many inputs/impulses which causes you to work in a job way below your capacity, just because you know you are not able to work the required 45 hours a week. My first step was to integrate spiritual tools which kept out 90% of energetic input, the 110 % remaining where karmic so with that I had to deal with. Do you know how hard it is when deep emotional trauma prevents you to have a healthy social life which drives you into the arms of addictions? Do you know how hard it is to be over-sensitive to certain sounds? Of course you do. Because you have a loved one in your life who is struggling with it or you might be dealing with some of it.

Love Hate Relation with life. Oh, some call this Bi Polar.

It was my dad and stepmom who told me many years ago that they thought it was about time I took an example on the life of my brother and sister in law. It felt like I was hit in the face, I lived my life and faced my life lessons on the way I felt suited and able, not the way my parents expected me to… 2 Whiplashes and a burn out which where never treated properly made it for me impossible to pursuit a healthy career, with that I had loss of income and made housing choices which where not always logic, but gave me lots of lessons in housing and gave me experience to read housing health.

Sometimes I worked 6 months followed by 3 to 6 months rest period. Not because I am lazy, no, but to give myself the regeneration I needed to be able to keep behave socially acceptable, to be able to live with myself and refilled with energy. In my lows I was nasty to others, could not be so friendly and got angry quick. Have you ever experienced this? That you got angry quick and later you realized it was because your blood sugar level was dropping, you had too much on your plate or simply because you dd not recognize you are doing something which you as a total being does not support. Do you even know that if you sweat is smelly, that it is your body letting you know that your bloodsugar is out of balance?

I made some choices in life in order to survive. I am sure you have did the same, making choices as you see fit for your life. Along the way I have gained much knowledge how to finally heal adrenal and nervous fatigue. I have processed past life karmic lessons which explains me why I had that severe post natal depression, and why all these demons showed up and why all of these miscarriages occurred. I had to face tremendous shock and trauma and under the guidance of my mystical Angels of the High Magic, the Lords of Karma, the Law of Justice brought and still brings balance in all aspects in my life. Whatever is going on in your life, it all has a purpose. We have free will and are able to choose how to react upon situations. If you choose to open yourself up and to face the influences in your past lives, you might be able to turn the tide. Spirituality is not something for meditation lovers only, or just to raise your frequency to a high level so you feel on a natural high. Though you might it like the best and cheapest drugs ever, there it only costs you being mindful and time, which is already yours. (yes, I am joking) Spiritual awareness brings you upon levels of awareness no doctor can bring you to. These levels are required for you own inner spiritual growth and evolution, to become whole again.

Love turned my life around

It was the summer of 2001. I worked in Switzerland’s most exclusive restaurant “le Club” located on a place which is for me heaven on earth. I found myself for ethics reason standing in Human Resource bureau, quitting my job. With this quitting my career in hospitality service. At that moment per “coincidence” the F&B manager happened to be there and he refused me to let me go. So he gave me a job upon the mountain restaurant. It was in that period a love unfolded in my which is not measured with love you feel for a human. It was a divine love, fed by the mountains and surrounding nature. When the season ended and the resort was closing I made a promise the the mountain Pilatus that one day I would return. And 16 years later I have. The resort has been rebuilt in the way I foresaw in 2003. Restoring trust in what I foresee in life. When my life partner and I met 5 years ago, we went during our 1 holiday together for a drive. Once we paused in Stans he looked at me, being the witness of how I had changed within minutes entering that area. How I totally relaxed and changed my whole radiance. He made one remark, a promise he kept. “We are going to move here aren’t we? This is your Home…”

I will not lie to you. I made life a living hell for him while he pushed the red buttons of my inner wounds.
We moved a few times, we suffered and grew from the experiences of 3 miscarriages. We dreamed about paths of lives with our own child and saw them shattered again, we always found a path we’d walk together harmonious, and always with our focus on a higher path of Destiny with our home base in Switzerland. His Love turned my life and made me willing to grow up emotional. Something of which I often now laugh when people call it ‘being grounded’. In the Netherlands we have this expression “zweverig” which translates to “floating”. Can you tell me what the English expression is? This state of being non grounded, of which I think it is often more tied to emotional immaturity. In other cases it might also be tight to an inflamed nervous system which can be healed with the right nutrients and food. My partner and I read often our future, when we read the same we dig deeper into it and it is fun to see stuff being fulfilled and when other stuff never occurs we dive into it to see if we had misinformation or if it served another purpose. We try to separate facts from fictions and fantasy, separate facts from beliefs and still being able to read our future. Together we are able to create our shared life, with my main goal to serve mankind and with his main goal to earn good money with it to manifest the house of our dreams, with sight on Lake Lucerne, healthy air and a few V6’s and V8’s in our garage, surrounded with bio demeater farms.

The gift of a highly spiritual aware son

My son lived with us for a while before moving to his fathers house. My son gives me with his tremendous soul wisdom time to grow and evolve before he will return our home again and I am grateful for that. I met the soul of my son 3 years before he was born. Not being able to find a partner I told him that he was free to go search other parents. Do yo know what he said to me? “Oh no mom, it is no problem, because I already know my father!” Since the pregnancy he once in a while contacts me from out the future. Giving me some key information about his and our lives. With him a lot of life lessons came. I remember having him as a 3 year old on my bike, in the back seat. Cycling every day to work where I dropped him off in kindergarten. I learned to differentiate fears I read in accident fear pictures, if they where originally mine, his or from a passing cardriver. I learned along the months to differentiate if they where residing in my own aura, chakra’s or in one of the subtle bodies, or in my Son’s aura, chakra’s or subtle bodies.

Now years later I have a 80 minutes drive to work. I can read if some one is coming along the corner before I can perceive visual or hear them. I can read in those who are driving in front of me if they will be only a short time before they turn. It is fun to learn the vibration mark of certain villages. Each village has their own vibration and residences carry these frequencies. So once they are in front of me, I am able to recognise where they will take the turn. It makes it easier for me to decide to overtake them or keep driving behind them. Especially in these mountain roads it is for me save to know when another car is heading to me. Allow me to ask you a few questions leading to a realization of your responsibility.

I work currently part time in hospitality service in one of the worlds extraordinary resorts in Switzerland. It is by conscious choice and I am thrilled to be part of this one in a lifetime opportunity to partake in the fase of the re opening the legendary Burgenstock resort.

There is just this one aspect I still have issues with. Perhaps you recognize some in it. That are the work hours combined with the work-life traffic. I am the only one of our crew who goes home earlier because of the journey ahead of me. Sometimes I feel disappointed in myself because it feels letting my crew down, letting them work very late while I arrive home to sleep. I never told them why, I do not like to manipulate emotionally others to have stuff done the way I please. I have chefs who lets me go without knowing the promise I made to myself and the world many many years ago.

I am tired, can I go home please?

Recently I have realized my story is not emotional manipulation but making others aware of their responsibility, so bare with me this story. Do you have siblings? If no, do your friends have siblings?
Do your siblings have children? Do you fancy witnessing your nieces and cousins growing up?
Can you remember you being 21? Where did you live? What school did you attend? What job did you had? I lived in my hometown with my boyfriend in an apartment, I was attending the Hotelschool, worked in a fancy restaurant in the Netherlands. I was getting my life on track and was looking forward to pursuing a career. Then on one Saturday afternoon my mom called. Telling me that my sister had died with her boyfriend in a truck accident. They died because another truck driver had already driven 22 hours. He was looking forward to see his 4 year old daughter and decided to drive those 4 hours more until he was home. He fell asleep for a second and that was all it took to crush the truck of my sisters boyfriend. The date they both would start a their new career, they where buried together.

This is why I despise to drive when I am tired. I have not only responsibility over my own life, but I will never want to be in the place that truckdriver once was, facing the families of those he drove into death.
If this means I have to argue with chefs or leave colleagues hanging dry, it is by conscious choice. For a reason. If this means in the future I have to send employees earlier home then the work is done, so be it.

Shadow lives, what could happen if one makes another choice

My brother and I looked recently into the shadow life where my sister did listen to my warning not to go away that weekend. She was happily married, had 4 kids. It was if they where strolling in in the living room where we did our reading. I lived a whole different life and pursuit my career successfully, spirituality was not one of my greatest interests. The family bond was warm and healthy. My brother and I had a good bond, even though we did not see each other that much. But truth is, that reality is shattered, our current reality is totally different. Both my brother and I are highly spiritual gifted. But our differences in character and morals makes it almost unbearable to walk a shared path of life. I never see my brother in my future. When I married my now ex husband it irritated me why I never saw my ex husband in my future. Now I understand why. Do you have similar experiences? Do you have memories of your future which are not in lign with your present day? You can either neglect it, or you can use it to co create your life. What do you prefer? Do you need assistance in overcoming obstacles in creating your life?

I am at your service. Please make an free 15 minutes reading appointment via the app. Sometimes all you need is 15 minutes talk with a stranger to help you determine the course of life.

Allow me to read you on a holistic base, allow me to read your physical health and other areas in your life. It will be up to your spirit, your higher self to show me the information you need and might not be able to translate yourself. Do your first want to read more about my business before you dare to schedule with me? check out

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Factors of influences on your well being


Have you embraced your true self yet?

I have embraced myself after life’s experiences hurted me deeply, after I fell low, after I stumbled down and after I rose up again.



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What makes our Seminar different and stand out above the current market?

I will be honest and blunt with you. Dutch as I am… 

The main difference is that I am capable to find your lost or stuck aspects in hell or time, and drag them out of there.

In Dutch we have the expression “zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden”. If I translate this literally it would say “Gentle healers make smelly wounds”. In the spiritual guru scene you will find many who offer you methods to focus upon positive affirmations, love and a high vibration. The problem of these methods are that the unprocessed highly charged memories are covered with layers of unconsciousness. Like a volcano, waiting for the right trigger to erupt and destruct… This might destruct your relation, friendships, your career or even worse, your health.

What we offer in the upcoming seminar in March 2018 is that we will move heaven and earth to dissolve the highly charged negative emotions, Which are hidden in your subconsciousness mind as sabotaging beliefs, commitments and excuses. A path into a higher destiny will unfold inside you. So no methods who work like a refill, hiding the wounds unprocessed. We will work from spirit to spirit with you and enable for you a step by step plan how you can discharge blocks, so you can move forward in your life and in your career. If you want to know more about this upcoming seminar which will be given in Switzerland this fall, surf to our other website Shift your Destiny.

Financial Breathing

I went to see my son for his birthday, so I drove 9 hours to the Netherlands. We spent 5 days in a hotel nearby his school, in the middle of the forest. As I ordered online a gift for him, I also ordered myself a book. This book has facilitated me a life changing look on finances. I truly recommend it to anybody who wants to look into themselves. It is written by Nancy Levin, the book is called “Worthy, boost your self worth to grow your net worth.” it is a Hayhouse published book.

As I was sitting on the terrace I watched my son play while I read this book. I skipped the praises and started with the Foreword. I realize now I have misread her words, but the effects are life changing for me. As I was reading I read that finances is like breathing. Everyone has to inhale and exhale. My subconscious mind immediately made the equation that finances is like breathing. more specific, as ki-Breathing. If you are familiar with Aikido, a martial art, you know what a deep inhale and exhales it takes and how the life force energy also known as Ki, which is all around us, nurtures us.

I attuned to my financial breathing and as I became aware of how my financial breathing took place, I felt shocked that I scarcely had an in-breathe, my out-breathe was clearly more occurring. As I observed myself financially breathe, I saw how emaciated an inner subtle body showed itself to me. On each out-breathe I realized that I had this month only two income streams. One came from my partner and observing how my financial out-breathe (financial spending pattern) affected our relationship, It was like I hit myself in my own face. It was not beneficial to our relationship and he does urge me to change on a financial level, I never understood really how. Because I am very well capable to manifest my desires. And am very equipped to manifest people into my life who help me manifest my wishes. I am not well trained in manifesting money to pay for all my longings myself… It takes a lot of love, kindness, patience and affection of my partner to encourage me to change this type of behavior.

It took this equation with breathing to understand the nature of finances. It is like (Ki) breathing…! No need of feeling guilty, trapped or lucky. it is a simple fact that in today’s society a healthy financial awareness is required to anticipate normally in our society. To see myself emaciated due to my financial breathing, was very confronting, this has to change NOW.

Days went by while the inner realization process about my financial breathing continued. It was already a liberation not to feel that ever present guilt which left my mind since my deep realization off the effects of the family secret of my mother. (you can read that story in another blog on this website). It was while I drove through Germany I played and expanded my financial breathing consciousness. I became aware that most of my financial income streams in my past are provided by male. I work mostly with male clients and often I had male chefs while working in hospitality service. My partner has been an income provider for many years now. So while being very aware of my conscious mind, my subconscious mind, my higher self and me as spirit, I allowed my self to receive finances from female.

As I did this I became aware that I was not eager to get in touch with female clients, there this underlying fear they would be representing my mother or step mother poisoned me and made me block them from my business. How silly this was. Letting female into my consciousness and allowing them to become clients, I observed this very visually based process. I perceived how from all corners around me woman contacted me and offered their financial relationship towards me. As I breathed this in, I became aware how much more whole this felt inside me.

Then the next step was attuning to locations of financial income streams. As I kept on breathing I became aware that from different locations around me connections where being created with me and on each inhale I saw a money-flow coming in, and on each out-breathe I saw money going out on several different locations. This felt very healthy to me.

Imagine me driving on the highway, night was falling, the sky was dark of the thunderstorm. Lightnings went horizontally in front of me through the sky.
While I was playing and expanding my aware financial breathing.

View while becoming aware of my financial breathing
I am well trained contacting the spirit of humans, this is easily done while doing anything. Such as car driving, working in a restaurant, walking through a forest or cycling a bike. I am not those who consider spiritual work needs to be done with the eyes closed, sitting on a meditation pillow. This is how my angels have trained me since 1999. And somehow while driving it made sense to me.

I went into the next step of conscious financial breathing. Again, it is very much like Ki breathing. This is a full body breathing, while Ki energy, which is all around us, is being brought into our system on each in-breathe, while it goes there where it is needed on each out-breathe. So in a way I am trained via Ki breathing to utilize this breathing to fill up where there is a deficiency.

The next step of aware financial breathing made me aware of the social, cultural status of those who are willing to commence a financial relationship with me. People who are pleased to pay me money for my skills. When I felt a stream, I attuned to their gender and what social and cultural status they have. So this process took me about half an hour to have checked the several sources of finances for me.

While each in-breathe became deeper, less tension was felt in my lungs. I felt deeper levels of relaxation occurring in my bodily systems, as well in the subtle body I saw before as emaciated(starved),  started to show itself more healthy and nurtured.

Then I took the next step. Continuing to be attuned to my financial breathing I became aware of the financial status of those who are willing to pay me for my services. It was astonishing to see that there are so many different levels of financial status among them. As I perceived one being very very poor, and knowing that working with me was her way out of that current state of life, I perceived also one who has an abundance of money but a broken heart, not knowing how to fix that. I felt persons having a healthy state of finances but a deeply negative thought pattern, absolutely convinced that I was the last resource to get rid of this negativity. Reading them, it was also interesting to feel that they all are honestly happy with paying me. And if not, willing to work with me on that.

The other important step I made in my aware financial breathing was the process of attuning to age. As I became more acquainted with the conscious financial breathing. So on each physical in-breathe, a financial in-breathe occurred, and on each physical out-breathe a financial out-breathe occurred. While breathing I saw visual that several income streams came from all around me (I was driving on the A5 in Germany). Then I consciously attuned to the age of the different income providers. It helped my subconscious to accept that income can come from all sorts of people of all ages. Somehow it was the missing information which made me being aware of the multi dimensionality of this awareness exercise. All felt much more real after this piece of information. I came home at 2 in the night and fell asleep shortly after we went to bed.

This morning I phoned with a friend and we checked his financial breathing. It turned out to be not so healthy. What was interesting, was that his out-breathe did not pass his auric field. Seeing this both, I asked the angels to set up a healing space. As I read it, it turns out this financial out-breathe block came from a past life where he kind of cursed that life’s financial abundances. we had the Angels work on it, clear the self created blocks and as he continued to attune to his financial breathing we perceived the change set in motion.

Again, this confirmed what became obvious to me due to my aware financial breathing revelation. What assists a person in the process of healing and growth, is the quality of the expanded awareness of the person who guides you through the process. It was not words written by Nancy Levin which gave me the revelation, but the foreword written by Doreen Virtue. One of worlds best known writer of Angel books etc. She has because of her ties to the angelic realm a normal state of expanded awareness. This supports the process of any one reading her books. Another writer who has this remarkable is Michael J. Roads. His books are easy to use to unfold a metaphysical consciousness due to hís metaphysical awareness. So is it with my exercises. When you attune you can surf on my aware and expanded consciousness to make this process easier for yourself. Test it yourself.

Here is the exercise:
“Aware financial breathing.”
Allow yourself the time you need
to fully perform this exercise.


Step 1.
Become aware of your financial breathing. Allow the information to come to you as it is comfortable for you. This means it might come in image flashes, in words or thoughts, in feelings, or you might even taste the quality of your financial breathing. Use whatever intuition sense is comfortable for you.
Let’s now inhale, and as you inhale become aware of your financial in-breathe.
Let’s now exhale, and as you exhale become aware of your financial out-breathe.
How is your financial breathing? Do you breathe at all? Do you only inhale or only exhale? Is it deep or just superficial?
Let’s now inhale, and as you inhale become more aware of your financial in-breathe.
Let’s now exhale, and as you exhale become more aware of your financial out-breathe.
Float up and write down what you became aware off.

Step 2.
Let’s now inhale, and as you inhale become aware of your financial in-breathe.
Let’s now exhale, and as you exhale become aware of your financial out-breathe.
Invite in your holy guardian angel to assist you in this process. If you are not yet aware of your holy guardian angel, no worries. I have instructed my holy guardian angel to connect with yours and have the process explained, so they know all how this aware financial breathing works now. Your Holy Guardian Angel is well equipped to explain this to you on the level you are open and ready to receive the needed information.

Visualize to receive several income streams which/whose intentions are in full alignment with your highest path of Destiny. Allow your self some time to breathe and while looking around you with your inner eyes. Allow yourself to become aware of the several income-streams which are in total alignment with your current highest path of Destiny.
Let’s now inhale, and as you inhale become aware of your financial in-breathe.
Do you notice any changes?
Let’s now exhale, and as you exhale become aware of your financial out-breathe.
Allow yourself to become aware of the spending patterns which are in total alignment of your highest path of Destiny.
Do you notice any changes?
Float up and write down what you became aware off.

Step 3.
Let’s allow ourselves to float down.
Let’s now inhale, and as you inhale become aware of your financial in-breathe.
Let’s now exhale, and as you exhale become aware of your financial out-breathe.
In this step we focus mainly on each financial inhale.
Let’s now inhale and as you inhale become aware of your income source provider. Now slowly exhale. Allow yourself as spirit to give yourself a few breathes as you become more and more aware.
Let’s now inhale and as you inhale become aware what gender you income source providers are, men or female. Now slowly exhale. Allow yourself as spirit to give yourself a few breathes as you become more and more aware.
Let’s now inhale and as you inhale become aware where you income source providers are located. Allow yourself to give yourself a few breathes. Slowly exhale.
Let’s now inhale and as you inhale become aware what the income source providers have as social and cultural status. Allow yourself a few breathes. Slowly exhale.
Let’s now inhale and as you inhale become aware what the income source providers have as financial status. Allow yourself to give yourself a few breathes. Slowly exhale.
Now request your Holy guardian angel to clear all blocks preventing a healthy aware financial breathe. Continue breathing regularly and deeply.
Now request your holy Guardian Angel to clear you karma tied to your financial breathing and allow yourself as spirit to give yourself a few deep cleansing breathes.
Now let’s float up and write down some of your perceptions. Take your time before you go to the next step in becoming aware of your financial breathing.

Step 4.
Let’s float deeper down this time.
Let’s now inhale, and as you inhale become aware of your financial in-breathe.
Let’s now exhale, and as you exhale become aware of your financial out-breathe.
In this step we focus mainly on each financial exhale.
Let’s now inhale and exhale, as you exhale become aware of your financial spending patterns. Now once again inhale and slowly exhale. Allow yourself as spirit to give yourself a few breathes as you become more and more aware.
As you exhale, allow yourself to become aware on what and on whom you spend your money on. Slowly inhale.
Let’s now exhale and as you exhale become aware where you spend your money. Allow yourself to give yourself a few breathes. Slowly inhale.
Let’s now exhale and as you exhale become aware what the appearance, the financial emanation of the store or company is where you spend your money. Allow yourself to give yourself a few breathes. Slowly inhale.
Let’s now exhale and as you exhale become aware what the store or company where you spend your money do with that money, do they pay their staff? Do they use incoming money to pay their rent or mortgage? Do they use bits of your money to pay their suppliers? Allow yourself to give yourself a few breathes. Slowly inhale.
Let’s now exhale and as you exhale become aware what a contribution to society it is to participate in the circulation of receiving and spending money.
Allow yourself a few breathes.
Now request your Holy guardian angel to clear all blocks preventing a healthy aware financial out-breathe. Continue breathing regularly and deeply.
Now request your Holy Guardian Angel to clear you karma tied to your financial breathing and allow yourself as spirit to give yourself a few deep cleansing breathes.
Now let’s float up and write down some of your perceptions. Take your time.

It is important to think a few times a day
about your aware financial breathing
by active thinking & perceiving about this while you breathe

Do this 28 days in a row  

and then send me your feedback how this affected your life. 

herschrijven van geschiedenis

Wat ik nu ga delen is heel persoonlijk en geeft een goede weergave wat mogelijk is wanneer je je bewust bent van de “limitlessness” als je in staat bent het leven vanuit een ‘hoger’ bewustzijn te leven. Het herschrijven van geschiedenis vindt plaats op het juiste moment, dit kun je niet afdwingen. Wat ik schrijf kan emoties in je raken. Als je deze voelt neem tijd deze te herkennen of ze van jezelf zijn.  Zijn ze niet van jezelf, laat ze dan uit je weg stromen.

Jaren gingen wij gebukt onder de impact van de plotselinge dood van onze zus, de oudste van ons gezin. Het ongeluk vond plaats in 1996. Op een donderdagavond dat ik bij mijn broertje was geweest, bleef ik op mijn zus wachten om van haar een lift naar huis te krijgen. Annemiek was bankstellen kijken met haar vriendje. Ik had rustig dat kwartiertje naar huis kunnen lopen maar nee, ik moest en zou door haar thuis gebracht worden. Eenmaal thuis plofte ze vermoeid haar spullen neer en had zij het liefste onder een dekentje op de bank willen kruipen, nog even tv kijken voor ze naar bed ging. Ik stond erop dat ze mij thuis bracht. Geïrriteerd bracht ze mij toch naar huis. Het was tegen het vriespunt aan, de nacht was helder en er was veel mist voorspeld de volgende ochtend en sneeuw in het weekend. Ik werd geteisterd door angst dat ze door de opvriezende gladheid het kanaal in zou rijden op weg naar haar vriend. Een angst die ik probeerde te onderdrukken. Uiteindelijk terwijl we buiten mijn flatportaal stonden, vroeg ik Annemiek of ze die zaterdagochtend alsjeblieft niet naar Gerben wilde rijden. Haar antwoord, en dan vooral de manier waarop heeft mij jarenlang geteisterd. Ze zei met zo’n kracht “Nee, ik ga!” Het was helder dat haar keuze vast stond. Ze voelde zich geïrriteerd dat ik haar weg wilde houden van het laatste weekendje dat ze met haar vriend wilde doorbrengen. Beiden zouden ze op 1 februari met hun nieuwe droombaan starten. Zij als zelfstandige schoonheidsspecialiste op één van de Nederlandse Waddeneilanden en hij als vrachtwagenchauffeur.

Het was zaterdagmiddag 15:00 uur. Buiten sneeuwde het en toen de telefoon ging stond mijn bouvier enthousiast naast mij. Ik nam op en er kwam een ijzige stilte uit de lijn, mijn moeder begon te snikken en de wereld tolde letterlijk om mij heen. Ze snikte “Annemiek…” en ik wist dat Annemiek dood was.  Die ochtend zijn ze 10 minuten rijden over de grens in Duitsland verongelukt en ze zijn gezamenlijk begraven op 1 februari 1996.

We nemen een grote stap vooruit in de tijd. We gaan van winter 1996 naar begin herfst 2016. Gerard en ik zijn een weekendje in Zwitserland, op huizenjacht. Ik zit bij een bevriende holistic coach in zijn praktijkruimte. Vol verbijstering kijk ik hem aan, ik begin naar adem te happen zodra de realisatie bodem raakt in mijn gevoel. Ik zie het whiteboard volgeschreven met in mijn leven spelende thema’s. De tranen beginnen over mijn wangen te stromen nu ik besef dat ik mijn intuïtie voor iedereen inzet behalve voor mijzelf vanuit overlevingsmechanisme.

Dat ene moment dat ik net beschreven heb met mijn zus, staand bij het flatportaal, heeft mij inderdaad bewezen dat ik op mijn intuïtie kan vertrouwen. Echter het heeft mijn onderbewuste instant geprogrammeerd dat wanneer je zelf beslissingen neemt, dit een dodelijke afloop kan hebben. Dus wat doet mijn onderbewuste? Dit deel van mij doet er werkelijk álles aan om maar te voorkomen dat ik zelf beslissingen neem in mijn leven. Het is een zelf gecreëerde overlevingsstrategie… Een eigen bedrijf beginnen? Oef.. Nee toch, dat kan fout aflopen! Dat gaan we even saboteren en wel op zo’n wijze dat mijn bewuste ik niet snapt waarom gewenst groots succes uitblijft. Het waarom heb ik in al die jaren van zelfreflectie en spirituele healing niet gezien. Mijn onderbewuste hield het zorgvuldig verborgen voor mij.

We nemen nu een klein stapje verder in de tijd. Nog geen maand later komt mijn broer bij mij voor een healingjourney. De insteek was het vinden van de kerngebeurtenissen die bepaalde communicatie issues teweeg brengt, al vlot werd het helder dat het een echte broer zus healing is. Nu moet je weten dat mijn broer net is zoals ik. Zoals een violiste uit Zürich ons ooit verbaast zei. “Wow, WTF, jullie zijn broer en zus? Hoe uitzonderlijk is dit dat binnen hetzelfde gezin 2 zielen met zo’n uitzonderlijk hoog spiritueel bewustzijn geboren worden, hebben jullie dit wel door????” We haalden onze schouders op, dat valt toch wel mee? Zo opmerkelijk is het toch niet? Tegenwoordig merk ik heus wel hoe gemakkelijk het is om samen met iemand als met zijn waarnemingsvermogen healingen te doen, erg relaxed.

Gaandeweg de healingjourney maakte mijn broer de opmerking dat het ongeluk van onze zus een ongelukje was. In principe kun je gebeurtenissen grofweg in 3 categorieën indelen:

  1. Meant 2 be. (dus al vastgelegd voor de geboorte)
  2. Choose 2 be (gekozen al gaandeweg in het leven)
  3. Oeps, foutje bedankt

Hij zei dat het in zijn waarneming niet de bedoeling was geweest dat Annemiek zou verongelukken maar Gerben wel. Nu heb ik deze feedback vaker gehoord van anderen. We bespraken een aantal ongemakkelijke gevolgen van dit “Oeps foutje bedankt” gevalletje. Een van de opmerkelijke dingen waren, dat door dat ze samen zijn verongelukt, ze samen zijn begraven in de kerk gemeente van zijn familie, er een vermenging met familie energieën heeft plaats gevonden. Alsof we in een zwaarder familiesysteem terecht zijn gekomen waarin alles moeilijker, melancholischer is dan in ons oorspronkelijke familiesysteem. Eenmaal gerealiseerd, is dit met de engelen van de hogere wetten vrij easy te clearen en de beide familiesystemen te ontwarren uit elkaar.

Zuur detail voor onze zus was dat Annemiek zo haar vooroordelen had over plaatsen rondom onze geboortestad en zo ook over Goor. “Goor? daar wil ik nog niet begraven liggen!” Je raadt het al, ze liggen samen begraven in Goor. Dit omdat haar vriendje uit een omliggend boerengehucht kwam.

De volgende stap die we namen en meteen de aanleiding dat ik deze blog schrijf, is super belangrijk. Wij zijn in spirit, binnen een afgeschermde sfeer, terug gegaan naar het moment dat Annemiek en ik buiten voor het flatportaal stonden. Het eerste wat Jarno, mijn broer, waarnam is dat Annemiek een soort filter had, waardoor ze de lading van mijn vraag ‘niet te gaan’, nooit werkelijk heeft kunnen horen. Op verzoek bij de engelen van de hogere wetten zijn de filters gecleared. We hebben Annemiek in spirit en als spirit de mogelijkheid gegeven deze gebeurtenis opnieuw te ervaren en haar een mogelijkheid gegeven een nieuwe keuze te maken. Ditmaal hoorde ze wél wat ik zei en koos ze anders. Ze koos ervoor om niet met Gerben mee te gaan. En terwijl mijn broer en ik hier naar zitten te kijken voelen we alles om ons heen veranderen. En ik hoor mijn broer zeggen “Goh, Annemiek loopt nu gewoon de kamer hier in, met kids en al. Ik zit met hem mee te kijken en ik zie meer dan dat. Ik zie ook dat we in een heel ander huis zitten, ons leven is volledig anders. Onze familieband is veel hechter en warmer. Wauw.

Hierna hebben we aandacht besteed aan het harmoniseren van onze werkelijke levenslijn met deze nieuwe vrijgekomen informatie in de hogere planes. (ik heb niet gekeken of dit een hogere astrale plane was of een spiritual plane). De verschillende levenslijnopties hebben we geoptimaliseerd en geïntegreerd in het ‘werkelijke/huidige’ levenspad.


Voor mij heeft bovenstaande tot gevolg dat ik mijn leven lichter en gemakkelijker waarneem. Er is letterlijk een schuldenlast van mijn schouders gevallen. Ik voel mij niet langer vatbaar voor de verwijten van mijn ouders en anderen. Als ik aan mijn ouders denk, voel ik niet langer die zware lading van onverwerkte emoties. Ik voel een opkomende lichtheid en sprankeling, een blijdschap voor het leven dat voor ons ligt. Mijn zoon was dit weekend bij ons en de spanning die ik normaliter voel was er niet langer. Vrijdag heeft een verandering teweeg gebracht waardoor ik heel nieuwsgierig uitkijk naar wat de toekomst mij brengt. Wat een geschenk om dit met mijn broer te mogen inzetten.

Even nog terug naar het moment dat we in spirit bij het moment stonden dat Annemiek en ik buiten stonden. We hebben de beïnvloeding op het kunnen horen in onze zus waargenomen. Het voelde als een zwartige energie. Mijn broer zag het als een typische dementor zoals uit de Harry Potter films. Ik zag het in een andere verschijningsvorm. Het is maar net hoe je kijkt, wat je ziet. Entiteiten zijn er vaak sluw in, om zich op een bij jouw passende wijze te presenteren. En op andere momenten weet je eigen geest het tot een begrijpbare vorm te vertalen. De vorm die voor mij persoonlijk het prettigst waar te nemen is, is in trilling/frequentie/vibratie, omdat visueel je nog weleens bij de benen genomen kan worden. Het speelde al de gehele dag door een rol. Samen hebben we in veel levels deze nare angel weten te verwijderen. De oorzaak oftewel de ingang, hebben we weten te traceren in onze voorouderlijke bloedlijn. Door veel aandacht te besteden aan de opschoning van onze bloedlijnen en trauma op alle zintuigen, hebben we een stukje familiekarma weten op te lossen. Wat een bevrijding!


Wat ik hier beschrijf is een proces van 20 jaar geweest, het begin en een ‘einde’. Jaren vol kleerscheuren, verwijten, verdriet, afwijzing, me schuldig voelen en me schamen voor het niet in staat zijn warme relaties te onderhouden. Jaren vol irritatie en boosheid jegens de verantwoording voor gevoel en gedrag die helemaal niet van mij waren op mijn schouders geschoven te krijgen. Het is een slopende tijd geweest. En ik hoop in het diepst van mijn hart, dat met de verhalen die nog gepubliceerd gaan worden, jij geholpen wordt. Sta toe dat mijn spirit jouw spirit ondersteund in het inzien dat gebeurtenissen die in je leven gebeurt zijn om van te leren. Sta jezelf toe te kunnen relativeren, te kunnen voelen en de lessen die eronder verscholen liggen zult gaan vinden.

Groeien doen we samen. Ik lijdt niet om het in stilte te laten wegspoelen. Ik leer van mijn lijden, ik leer van mijn zelf-sabotage, van mijn waarnemingen tot in de diepste lagen van ons bestaan. Een gelukkig leven is mijn doel geweest toen ik die vallende ster zag in de jaren 90. Inmiddels weet ik dat al voel ik mij diepst ongelukkig, beschaamd en schuldig. Het durven voelen en aangaan van de onderliggende oorzaken is minstens zo waardevol als de onbelaste momenten dat ik geniet van een sterrenhemel of het vallen van de bladeren.

Ik weet dat met het openlijk delen van mijn leven, via blogs, posts en boeken ik feedback ga krijgen die soms andere lagen van een wond in mij blootleggen. Gaat het de moeite waard zijn? Zolang ik vertrouw op de keuzes die ik maak. Ja absoluut.

“Ik sta op een pad waar ik door het maken van keuzes, mijn eigen licht schijn, waardoor ik mijn pad steeds helderder waarneem. Dit licht is voor jou een lichtpunt in de duisternis. Wat je pijn ook is, omarm het, voel het en laat het los, verzuip er niet in. Richt je op je innerlijke licht en verlicht hiermee je eigen pad. Dit kan jij. Dit is wat we samen gaan leren door er in de praktijk bewust van te worden.”


Hellen over haar achternaam “Tiethoff”

Als versteend stond ik daar, toen ik als kind en puber werd uitgescholden, gepest en geplaagd met mijn achternaam. Ik vond het een groot drama en de gedachte dat mijn kinderen dezelfde achternaam kregen deed mij huiveren. Het was heel makkelijk om het knopje in te drukken wat mij iedere keer minderwaardig liet voelen. Je hoefde alleen maar jennend Tietje naar mij te roepen…

Graag wil ik met je mijn overpeinzingen van vandaag, 29 augustus 2016 delen.

Tiethoff = Staat voor tepelhof. De wereld zoals wij die vandaag kennen bestáát vanwege het vermogen onze nakomelingen na de geboorte te voeden dankzij borstvoeding. Tiethoff is dus een essentieel aspect van ons bestaan. Heb ik dan toch niet zinloos deze naam gekregen?

Ik denk dat er een correlatie bestaat tussen mijn postnatale depressie en als kind veelvuldig gepest te zijn geweest met onze achternaam. De postnatale depressie werd telkens getriggert als ik ons zoontje aanlegde. Mijn droom en verlangen ons zoontje borstvoeding te geven spatte uiteen doordat darkness feilloos mijn weakspot aan wist te raken.  Deze postnatale depressie kickte 3 weken na zijn geboorte in 2008 er keihard in en werkelijk bij ieder moment dat ik mijn baby aanlegde voor borstvoeding, hoorde ik van buitenaf een stem mij nare dingen zeggen.  Nu zie ik de correlatie tussen deze ervaring en de impact die het op mij als kind en tiener gemaakt heeft gepest te worden met mijn achternaam. Het is een negatieve ervaring, het is er een van mij minderwaardig voelen, mij anders voelen, mij beschaamd voelen, mij schuldig voelen. Destijds was ik nog niet in staat de mooie kant van mijn naam te zien. Ik had er zelfs een mismatched huwelijk voor over om er maar voor te zorgen dat mijn zoon niet dezelfde achternaam als ik zou moeten dragen.

Vandaag sta ik open voor de positieve kant van mijn naam en zie ik de potentiële correlatie die tot manifestatie mag gaan komen. Met het delen van mijn kennis en kijk op de wereld een invloed mogen uitoefenen op het voortbestaan van de wereld van morgen.

Mijn wereld is met dit wereldbeeld alweer een stuk mooier. 😉 Wat doet jouw naam met jou?

Hellen & Mysteryschool brings flow

  • "The supreme prayer of my heart is not to be learned, rich, famous, powerful, or good, but simply to be radiant. I desire to radiate health, cheerfulness, calm courage, and good will. I wish to live without hate, whim, jealousy, envy, fear. I wish to be simple, honest, frank, natural, clean in mind and clean in body, unaffected - as ready to say I do not know, if it be so, and to meet all men on an absolute equality - to face any obstacle and meet every difficulty unabashed and unafraid. I wish others to live their lives, too - up to their highest, fullest, and best. To that end I pray that I may never meddle, interfere, dictate, give advice that is not wanted, or assist when my services are not needed. If I can help people, I'll do it by giving them a chance to help themselves; and if I can uplift or inspire, let it be by example, inference, and suggestion, rather than by injunction and dictation. That is to say, I desire to be radiant - to radiate life."
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