What makes our Seminar different and stand out above the current market?

I will be honest and blunt with you. Dutch as I am…

The main difference is that I am capable to find your lost or stuck aspects in hell or time, and drag them out of there.

In Dutch we have the expression “zachte heelmeesters maken stinkende wonden”. If I translate this literally it would say “Gentle healers make smelly wounds”. In the spiritual guru scene you will find many who offer you methods to focus upon positive affirmations, love and a high vibration. The problem of these methods are that the unprocessed highly charged memories are covered with layers of unconsciousness. Like a volcano, waiting for the right trigger to erupt and destruct… This might destruct your relation, friendships, your career or even worse, your health.

What we offer in the upcoming seminar in October 2018 is that we will move heaven and earth to dissolve the highly charged negative emotions, Which are hidden in your subconsciousness mind as sabotaging beliefs, commitments and excuses. A path into a higher destiny will unfold inside you. So no methods who work like a refill, hiding the wounds unprocessed. We will work from spirit to spirit with you and enable for you a step by step plan how you can discharge blocks, so you can move forward in your life and in your career. If you want to know more about this upcoming seminar which will be given in Switzerland this fall, surf to our other website Shift your Destiny.